A strange donor sends by mail a colossal sum in cash to 30 town halls

For several weeks now, around thirty municipalities in the north of France have received sums in cash from a mysterious donor. This one distributed more than 12,000 euros, to the Telethon. But who is this mysterious man? This is what we are going to see right away. Do not worry, the editorial staff of Objeko, will tell you everything on the subject. Are you ready ?

It is an incredible story that we are going to tell you in this article. That of a mysterious donor. It all started last November, when the town hall of the town of Esquelbecq received an envelope containing 350 euros in cash. Inside, a brief message, indicating that they are intended for the Telethon. But it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, this village des Flandres is not the only one to have received a cash donation. At oppositein all, between communes would have discovered the same envelope.

If we add all the letterswe exceed the sum of 12,000 euros in cash. Incredible, isn’t it? Even if the gesture is incredible, a mystery persists. Indeed, no one knows who this famous donor is. However, the thirty municipalities made a lot of assumptions: “We talked about it, we made lots of assumptions. It could be my neighbour, who could it be?“. The only detail we have is shaky handwriting on the letter. And an evocation to the Telethon or to illness.

A gesture that raises questions

The first donations arrived before the date of the event. As a reminder, this year the Telethon was held December 2 and 3. And each village that does not organize a collection in connection with the event, has decided to donate the money to a neighboring village that does. Still, the method used to make these donations is very intriguing. Why divide them into thirty separate envelopes and send them to town halls? Indeed, the final sum is anyway for the Telethon.

Moreover, in the report, TF1 recalled that sending cash, coins or notes, is prohibited, in the same way as narcotics or counterfeit items. This did not prevent the municipalities that received these mysterious donations from donating them to the good cause for which they seemed intended. It remains to know now, if the mysterious donor will ever reveal himself. Or, if he will remain anonymous forever. To be continued…

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/un-etrange-donateur-envoie-par-courrier-une-somme-colossale-en-liquide-a-30-mairies/