“A stupid controversy”: Marina Foïs supports Omar Sy and denounces the “idiots and the ignorant”

This Thursday, January 19, Marina Foïs was invited on the Clique set on Canal +. Asked about the controversy around Omar Sy, the actress showed unfailing support and denounced the “idiots and the ignorant”.

The controversy over Omar, she is disgusting“, believes Marina Foïs. The tone is set. This Thursday, January 19, the actress was the guest of Mouloud Achour and her Click on Canal+. The journalist took advantage of his presence to ask him about the controversy surrounding the comedian of Skirmishers. This dates back to January 4 when he gave an interview to the Parisian for the theatrical release of the poignant film by Mathieu Vadepied in which he plays the main role. The conversation widened to wars. In Ukraine for example. But also to Mauritania, which has been marked by these tragedies. “Ukraine was not a crazy revelation for me“, explained Omar Sy who already observed the ravages of these military operations. “As I have family elsewhere, in Africa, I know that there have always been children at war, broken families and parents who lose their children, kids who become orphans. It’s never stopped since World War II“, he detailed. But it was the rest of his remarks that made people talk.

Omar Sy said to himself “surprised that people are so affected“by the Ukrainian drama when nobody talks about the other wars that are going on at the same time in the world.”Does that mean that when it’s in Africa you are less affected? I was traumatized as a child by the Iran-Iraq conflict, I grew up with these horrible images. It was war, the old fashioned way. Then there was the Gulf War, there are endless. Me, I feel threatened in the same way when it’s in Iran, or in Ukraine“, he analyzed rightly. Except that here, some on social networks and streaming news channels seized on these words to raise hatred. And the least we can say is that is that that strongly annoys Marina Foïs who does not go there by four paths facing his interlocutor. This controversy, she finds it “especially stupid“.”She is stupid. Listen. You are ignorant. Already be humble, since you don’t know, shut your mouths“, she hammers.

Marina Foïs: “Why do those who don’t know speak louder than others?”

Above all, Marina Foïs feels the need to apologize to Omar Sy. “Me, I’m sorry. Omar, I want to send him: ‘Sorry, we are sorry, excuse us’“, she confides with touching sincerity. And to continue: “Besides, it’s silly we waste time with bullshit. The idiots, they are very very noisy. They are not more numerous – the proof of the success of the film – but they are noisier. The idiots and the ignorant. Why do those who don’t know speak louder than others?“While waiting for the answer, Marina Foïs was delighted to see that”the answer to this controversy is a big success in theaters“. Especially since this mother believes that it was not won in advance, both by the subject tackled and by the fact that it was shot in Fulani. A great success which highlights the violence suffered by these Tirailleurs and the broken promises of the French government to them.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/une-polemique-debile-marina-fois-soutient-omar-sy-et-denonce-les-cons-et-les-ignorants-1685495