A swimming star collapses in the pool: miraculous rescue of her trainer!

It’s a sequence that could have become dramatic, but ultimately more fear than harm for the champion Anita Alvarez. The 25-year-old Mexican-American is currently in Hungary for the world swimming championships taking place in Budapest. Star of synchronized swimming, the young woman has already participated in the Olympic Games in 2016 and 2021. Last night, she competed in the final of her discipline, but not everything went as planned for the athlete, fell ill while still in the water.

A situation that took the emergency services present by surprise, who took a long time to react before intervening and in the face of the danger for his athlete, Anita Alvarez’s trainer didn’t hesitate long before diving into the water. As her swimmer began to collapse in the pool, Andrea Fuentes quickly stepped in to save her. “We were very scared. I had to jump because the rescuers weren’t doing it”she explained after her heroic act for the Spanish newspaper Marca.

I was scared because I saw that she wasn’t breathing, but now she’s fine

After diving, the trainer, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, quickly managed to reach Anita Alvarez and bring her to the surface. It was then that the emergency services were able to take care of her, once she was at the edge of the swimming pool. “I was scared because I saw that she was not breathing, but now she is fine”, assures Andrea Fuentes. Taken to the swimming pool medical center, the young swimmer seems to be doing well, as indicated by the American swimming team in a press release.

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