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Lionel Messi recently won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with his teammates from the Argentine team, a success that reinforces the belief that this striker is nothing more and nothing less than “the messiah” or “the legend” of current football.

However, his sports career, which is nearing its end, is not the only thing in which he stands out, since the 35-year-old man also owns various businesses.

At last Lionel Messi took over the FIFA World Cup. At 35 years of age he is in full force. Photo: EFE

And it is that Messi, in his attempt to continue promoting football in his country and in the world, has created Play Time, a company to invest in sports development and the media, in association with Silicon Valley executives Razmig Hovaghimian and Michael Marquez.

In addition, as ¡Hola! magazine indicated, the company will also invest in AC Momento, a soccer market that auctions shirts used in matches by prominent players and clubs.

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Lionel Messi and his diversified income

According to what was published by La Razón, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner registers some 130 million dollars a year in income obtained through his participation in the Paris Saint-Germain club, in addition to his commercial agreements with companies such as Adidas , Pepsi, Budweiser and Hard Rock International.

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As for other business, the Argentinian player joined digital fan token creator Socios.com as its global brand ambassador in a three-year contract valued at more than €20 million.

Lionel Messi has a life of luxury, attributed to the income he earns through his various businesses. Photo: @leomessi

The striker owns the MIM Hotels chain, which is managed by the Majestic Group and has six hotels in places like Spain, Sitges, Ibiza, Mallorca, Baqueira Beret and Andorra.

Likewise, it has the clothing brand The Messi Store, which focuses on the men’s market, but also sells clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and pants to children and women.

In addition, since 2018, Lionel in collaboration with Bodegas Bianchi produces its own wine called Leo either L10 which is made with five different grape strains: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, some Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.


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