ABC reunites cast of cult rom-com

The American channel ABC will bring together, nearly 20 later, the actors of the cult comedy Love Actually. Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant… they are almost all there to talk about their memories of the shoot.

This is one of the most stainless romantic comedies of Christmas. The American channel ABC unearths the memories and secrets of the actors of Love Actuallyin a special broadcast on November 29.

A year in advance – the film was released at the end of 2003 – the channel is celebrating the film’s 20th anniversary with a program entitled The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later (The Laughter and Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later).

Journalist Diane Sawyer returns with Emma Thompson, Laura Linney, Bill Nighy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Hugh Grant, behind the scenes of the shooting. The actor thus recounts the underside of his famous dance scene at 10 Downing Street, today taken up on TikTok.

The cast has already met in 2017 for a short film as part of the Red Nose Day charity operation.

“I never dreamed of writing the ‘Love Actually’ sequel, but I thought it might be fun to do 10 minutes to see where everyone is at. Who’s aged better? I guess that’s the big question …”, had then entrusted the director Richard Curtis to the Guardian.