Abelardo Bobadilla, a teenager who takes refuge in TikTok with the dream of being an actor

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Hello! Am Abelardo Bobadilla, a 17-year-old teenager who was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and was inspired to make videos on the social platform TikTok. A young man who was able to stand out, make himself known in different countries, create a beautiful community and have the support of the people.

I started making videos at the age of 15 with a totally different idea. But, before delving into what I now consider a job, let me give you a short walk through my privacy through Newspaper THE HERALD.

Abelardo Bodilla: more of me

People often think that I am over 20 years old, however, I am not, ha ha.

Currently, I have been out of the country since February 27. I was in Houston, then I moved to Los Angeles, then to Houston (again) and -finally- to Los Angeles again. Now I am in Mexico. what I’m doing here? Walking, meeting friends and so on.

EH- How do you describe your personality?

I am a very outgoing person. Turns out I’m very social. It’s easy for me to talk to people… it’s very easy for me because I’m a very happy person too. I don’t like to be negative and I also feel very independent because I already do my things by myself and all that.

EH- What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses?

I think that my strength is my friends and my family, they are the ones that keep me happy and cheerful. My weaknesses, is that this is all new to me, doing all my things alone… so, it’s a little more difficult. Living alone is a bit stressful, because I feel lonely, ha, ha… but I’m making friends little by little, so it’s nice.

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EH- What are your life values?

I have always seen the world as never being a fake person. In the middle there are many people who are not what they really appear to be, it is more than all out of interest. In other words, if I approach someone it’s not because of interest or something like that, it’s because I liked him very much and I want to have a friendship.

Public figure: actor and tiktoker

For now, I could tell you that I dedicate myself to social networks and I’m trying to be an actor.

I took some classes last November and well I shot a short film recently. It’s not released yet. It is an American short film and I am waiting for it to come out, there is no exact date.

Here, in Mexico, they say that I am good and I have received congratulations for that.

EH- Why did you choose to become a public figure?

Aaaah OK. I always wanted to make videos. I would grab my tablet or my phone and start recording and things like that, but I would never upload it. Sometimes I would start talking by myself as if I were watching videos and in 2020, when quarantine arrived, I was literally in a class, and well, I decided to fully enter to make them.

I uploaded a video and it reached about 30,000 views, so that’s how I started uploading every day until I came to specific content that made me grow on social networks and, well, in my life as an influencer or tiktoker.

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EH- How does the process take place?

I used to make videos on Omegle, it was that I connected with girls and, well, I talked to them, I flirted with them and people liked that. Later I left that character called Massimo Abelardo. I changed it to another content of the things of life. I wanted to evolve and not be stuck, people get bored.

EH- What was the reason for betting on TikTok?

I remember that when I downloaded it, it was starting and there weren’t many creators or anything like that, nor were there many creators in Honduras either. I saw that the videos hit fast, that one could go viral, so I decided to make videos in that application.

EH- And why not YouTube?

Because YouTube is a more difficult platform, it is a longer format, and I have not yet entered that platform, that style of ten-minute, six-minute videos. I like to make short videos.

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EH- Your tiktoks range from comedy to the interpretation of everyday life, what is your creative process like?

First, obviously, I watch videos. I get inspired by some, or sometimes I remember things that have happened to me or my friends write to me and tell me: ‘Hey, look how I thought of this idea’, and they send it to me. So I put my style on it. Other times, I’m doing something and I get an idea and I write it down, and then I do it, but (sometimes) I’m more of an improvisation.

EH- What do you owe your millions of followers to?

I think it’s more for my content. I created a community with that content… it was me, nothing more than speaking in English with other people, and well, they liked my way of speaking and doing things, more than anything because of my personality was what the people liked it.

I consider that they themselves perceive when a person is acting to pretend something and people noticed that mine is natural, they like that and it catches their attention and I think that is why people continue to follow me on my platforms.

EH- What does your family think about your videos?

From the beginning my mom always supported me, my dad (also). They had no problem with me making videos or things like that. In fact, as it is now a ‘job’, my mother respects that when I go to record she is silent. They don’t do anything that can interfere with my video, because they already respect it. Before they looked at me recording nonsense and then they realized that I made videos.

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Goals, dreams and life projects

One of my biggest dreams is to be in a Netflix movie or series.

For now I see myself doing tiktoks for two to three more years, because when the app stops being popular, I have to go to another app and create a new community there, until I become an actor… ha ha.

I also aspire to have a relationship, get married and all that, but it would be much later. Maybe five or ten years from now.

EH- What do you think of Honduran tiktokers?

Well, I get along with several from there, some, well, I haven’t talked to them. They are doing everything well, everyone is creating their own community and that seems very good to me.

EH- Are you open to collaborating with them?

Yes, I am open. Obviously, depending on whether it’s not something explicit or saying bad words or things like that in the videos. That type of content of sexual things and all that, where it does not come out of me to say sexual things or a video that involves this type of content.

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EH- Based on your own experience, is it necessary to leave the country to grow artistically?

If required. In Honduras they are not so open to social networks or to acting and, more than anything, if you want to be an actor, you have to leave the country. There is still no such help for Hondurans to be actors. In fact, being an influencer or tiktoker in Honduras is still not that common, because they don’t see it as something normal. Personally, I do think that it is necessary to leave the country to be a great actor or to be an artist in general.

EH- What do you say to your followers?

I thank them because they have changed, to some extent, my lifestyle. They have made me happier, they have made me be a little more independent, help my mom with things, around the house, buy my things. Above all, for the support and the messages you leave every day, telling me that thank you very much for my videos.

That is something that I like very much and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to create videos and make such a beautiful community, because they support me a lot. If a person hates me, there are many people defending me.