About to divorce?

Harry and Chrislaine Roselmack are splitting up! The one who has hosted TF1’s Seven to Eight since 2006 finds himself single. After 20 years together, the couple have decided to separate. They had however started to create artistic projects together. Indeed, in 2017, Harry Roselmack had released his first film Fractures, in which his wife had had a small role. Because if Chrislaine began her career as a nursing assistant, it is today as an actress and sports coach that she is oriented. She, who has always supported her husband in his ambitions, now seems to want to go her own way. And it is with a tender message that she announces in her Instagram story, the separation from her husband.

Harry and Chrislaine, a love story that lasted 20 years!

I am lucky to have found love, to create my family, to experience beautiful things. But in life, the part of the unexpected finds its place., writes Chrislaine Roselmack. ” I lived beautiful years with the man of my life, but life decided otherwise. Today I announce my separation from my husband Harry Roselmack. she adds.


Since, Harry Roselmack has, too, reacts on social networks, with a long paragraph in which he says in particular: “ Like many things in this world, love is born, evolves, sometimes dies. This is how a love story can evolve to the point where it is considered to be over. ”

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/258027-harry-roselmack-point-divorcer