accordion player received a bottle in the face and showed how it turned out

Jafid Nazar was the musician who ended up injured after at the fairs of Puente Nacional, Boyacá, a person from the public will throw a bottle in his face.

The incident happened when Ana del Castillo was appearing on the stage of the town in an event attended by hundreds of local people who traveled from other areas of the country, such as Bogotá.

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without any justification, a man decided to attack the musician hitting him on the side of the head, very close to the temple, a very delicate point. In fact, the bottle he threw at her was made of glass, but it did not burst.

Hours after this embarrassing event, images of the hard blow this young man received on the head were released. and it became clear how they pointed out the person responsible for this aggression.

Pulzo learned that during the fairs in this town, the Police had to intervene several times because the public was fighting and they even carried sharp weapons and machetes.

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How the face of Ana del Castillo’s accordion player turned out

The effects of the blow were seen immediately, but with the passing of the hours the bump grew more and more.

Ana del Castillo and her musicians finished playing and they left Puente Nacional by bus and on the way they showed how Jafid Nazar’s face turned out.

According to the young man, “not step over”but you should be careful in the following days to know the evolution of this aggression.