Accused of anti-Semitism in TPMP, Francky Vincent files a complaint against Gilles Verdez for defamation

In early December, the list of 405 new appointees Knight of Arts and Letters was published in France and among them, the Guadeloupean singer Francky Vincent. On this occasion, the rewarded artist was invited to the Touche set not at my post a few days after the big news.

Gilles Verdezthe columnist of Touche not at my post, expressed his indignation concerning the admiration that the singer has for the humorist Dieudonné.

Me, what shocks me, Mr. Vincent, it’s not your words, it’s your adoration for Dieudonné. On Alain’s channel Sorala far-right essayist, you still said: I gives him unconditional admiration, all the respect in the world. Dieudonné is an anti-Semite, condemned as such. (…) How can you say that? Do you condone Dieudonné’s anti-Semitism? Does it bother you to appear at the Bal de la quenelle? If you support anti-Semitism, you are anti-Semitic“, launched Gilles Verdez. Words that shocked the artist who felt attacked. He replied that he was not a judge.

Guillaume GentonBenjamin Castaldi and Jean-Marie bigard defended the singer who was present to talk about his award.

Francky Vincent has decided to take this case to court, according to the Parisian relayed by Closer.I attacked Gilles Verdez for defamation. I am suspected of being a sympathizer of anti-Semites because I sang a song in 2019 at the Bal des quenelles in Dieudonné. While my wife is Semitic, while I had a child with a Semitic mestizo… I take this seriously.