Activity bonus: here is the amount of CAF aid for a salary of 1,300 euros

The economic context is complicated and inflation will always be present in 2023, or even 2024. So, the French are going to have to stick together, make efforts and arm themselves with patience. In the meantime, people more precarious will be able to count on certain aids social benefits paid by the CAF or the MSA. We think in particular of the activity bonus. We’ll tell you about it!

All you need to know about the CAF and MSA activity bonus

To pay their bills and keep a little purchasing power, some French people have no choice but to rely on state aid. Since the health crisis and especially inflationthe government launched a range of benefits and checks of all kinds. The goal is to regulate the salty notes of electricity, fuel and even in the food field. In the batch of social benefits from the CAF or the MSA, some benefit from the Activity Bonus.

The latter is paid monthly by one of the two organizations depending on your personal situation. But, to qualify, you must not exceed a certain amount of resources. In fact, your salary must not go beyond a certain level. Thus, the activity bonus is reserved for workers with low wages.

But, then, how much is this help when you earn around 1300 euros?

The amount of the activity bonus depends on your resources and your salary

Namely, the activity bonus is not paid automatically. In fact, it’s up to you take the necessary steps with CAF and MSA. To benefit from it, you must tick the right boxes and respect a certain level of resources. If your salary is too high, you will not be able to receive social assistance.

Next, the amount of the activity bonus goes depend on your salarybut also children in your care. Indeed, if you have toddlers, you will be increased.

Here is the calculation formula and the amount you can receive for a salary of 1300 euros

Namely, the lump sum of the activity bonus amounts to 586.23 euros per month. Then, the two organizations, whether CAF and MSA, have the same calculation which is as follows:

Amount of the activity bonus = lump sum + 61% of professional income + bonus – household resources – housing package

So you can see that the mathematical formula is logical, simple and takes into account all your resources. Indeed, the CAF and the MSA also take into account the other benefits that you can receive, such as the APL or the ALS…

Next, if you are paid of 1300 euros per month, that you live alone, that you have no children and that you do not receive any social assistance, your activity bonus will reach the sum of 241 euros per month. We hope that all of this information has been useful to you!