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Alan Estrada became a trend in Twitterafter the actor sent a powerful message to support the LGBT community. The artist pointed out that in these Christmas dates has seen many people in the community suffer for their sexual orientationpeople who continue to keep quiet about their preferences out of fear.

In this way, in solidarity with LGTB+ people, Estrada revealed that he is gay and that they are not alone, because no matter what preference one has, everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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The artist assured that his close circle, whom he described as “beautiful people”, was already aware of his orientation, but that it was important to highlight the unfortunate treatment of the LGBT+ community at Christmas, who even suffer rejection from their own relatives.

“I never talk about my private life, my close circle knows that I am gay and I am surrounded by beautiful people. But this Christmas I have seen many people suffer because of their orientation and the rejection of their family. You are not alone, I celebrate you and you deserve to love and be loved.” he wrote on Twitter, also stressing that his relatives are with him. “Btw my family is the coolest and I love them!”.

Following these statements, users thanked him for making visible these messages that support and encourage other people of diversity. However, others criticized him for going to Qatar for the World Cup, because in that country the ‘moral’ rules are very strict.

The artist is also known as a singer and youtuber thanks to his travel channel on YouTube titled ‘Alan x the World‘, where he shows his followers countless tourist places to visit and gives recommendations or tips to plan such trips around the world.


Eduardo Perez Rocha