Actor Danilo Carrera is deported from Egypt for “flirtatious”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera would have been deported in the last hours of Egypt for being very flirtatious, as revealed by the program “Gossip No Like”.

According to reports, the soap opera actor flirted with the daughter of a well-known Arab sheikh, which led him to aggravate the problems of conquering the women of that nation with his beauty.

And it is that this type of behavior is prohibited in the African country, so he was arrested and forced to leave the nation as soon as possible.

According to the presenters Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain he was carried away by his singleness and his beauty, for which he attracted the attention of women.

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The story of the presenters of the program is that a very famous dancer invited him on stage and then gave him a ring and he very happily accepted it, not knowing that the jewel belonged to a crown, so it was invaluable in Egypt.

In addition, the delivery of the ring means a promise of love, since it is understood that there is an interest in marriage and it should not be accepted as a joke.

Later it became known that the young woman was the daughter of a wealthy Arab sheikh and apparently he did not like flirting, for which he was accused of causing a stir because of his physical beauty.

It was after this incident that the Egyptian migration authorities invited him to leave the country, for which the protagonist of melodramas had to shorten his vacation, which he was undoubtedly enjoying, as he shared all the places with his followers on social networks. who was visiting

So far the actor has not commented on the matter.