Actor Luis Cárdenas dies, famous for his work in ‘Cadenas de margura’

Mexico City.- Once again the media of the national show is in mourning, because the National Association of Interpreters confirmed the news of the death of Luis Cardenasrecognized for his work in the telenovela ‘Cadenas de Amargura’.

The death of the television star left a huge void in the Mexican acting community, as Luis participated in the most representative soap operas such as “Imperio de cristal”, “Cadenas de Amargura”, “Muchachitas”, “El flight of the eagle”, and He recently participated with Netflix in “Luis Miguel, the series”, among others.

Rest in peace Luis Cárdenas White. Photo: Instagram.

Several colleagues from Cardenas White reacted to the departure of their actor friend. Among the first reactions to ANDI’s publication is that of the writer William Rioswho remembered him as “always gentle, polite”.

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“A colleague at INBA about forty-five years ago. He was the narrator in Rats, Rats, Rats which he directed Raul Zermeno. When I saw him on stage he told me: He looks like Robert Redford. Always gentle, polite, he had a beautiful Maverick. Good trip güero”,


In the long list of personalities who are sending the traditional condolences, there are also Cuauhtemoc Duke, Joseph Montini and norm paul.

Luis Cárdenas recently participated in “Luis Miguel, the series”. Photo: Special.

After the announcement of the histrion’s death, the actor’s fans as well as those of the melodramas also joined the wave of messages to mourn his death: “Great friend and human being, what a great sorrow” and “How sad his departure” , are some of the comments of condolences that they sent to the family of Luis Cárdenas.

Until now the reasons for the histrion’s death are unknown.

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