Actor Noah Schnapp reveals that he is gay and fans wonder if his character Will in ‘Stranger Things’ also belongs to the LGBT community | Famous

Actor Noah Schnapp rose to fame thanks to ‘Stranger Things’, although his off-screen persona is one of the reasons he has so many fans.

Most recently, he opened up to his fans about his sexual orientation.

Noah Schnapp, actor of Will in ‘Stranger Things’ revealed that he is gay

This January 5, the 18-year-old used his TikTok account to tell the world about his sexual orientation. In a video of just 8 seconds, he could be seen lying down and with a text over his head:

“When I finally told my family and friends that I’m gay after being in the closet for 18 years in fear and all they said was ‘we already knew.'”

In the clip, only a viral audio is heard that is used to express that a certain topic was not as serious as a person believed.

In the comments section, there was no shortage of support from other celebrities and fans alike, who left messages like:

“I am very proud of you no matter what”, “I support you and I still love you the same”, “Our king”, “I am sure that took a great weight off your shoulders, enjoy the relief and welcome to the club”, “ King Noah”, “Live your truth” or “We are very proud of you”.

However, what most caught the attention of the fans was what Noah Schnapp wrote at the bottom of the video:

“I think I’m more like Will than I thought.”

In this way, he hinted that the protagonist of the Netflix series is also part of the LGBT community.

Noah Schnapp had already clarified that Will from ‘Stranger Things’ is gay

It was from the fourth season of the Netflix series that many fans began to question whether the youngest of the Byers brothers is gay, as there were some details that seemed to confirm it.

In July 2022, the actor spoke on the subject with ‘Variety’ magazine:

“Now it’s 100% clear that he’s gay and he loves Mike (…) I think for season 4, it was just me playing this character who loves his best friend but struggles to know if they will accept him or not, and he is It feels like a mistake and like it doesn’t belong.”

In that same conversation, he assured that, in ‘Stranger Things’, Will is jealous of Eleven, because he consumes all the attention of his best friend and platonic love, Mike.