Actor of ‘Merlina’ was accused of sexual harassment and followers ask for his withdrawal from the series

merlin It is one of the most successful Netflix series in recent years. The suspense and dark comedy production has broken several records on the platform and Jenna Ortega, who plays the protagonist of the plot, has earned the respect of the industry for the tint she gave to the young daughter of Morticia and Gómez Adams. .

Jenna Marie Ortega is the American actress in charge of giving life to Merlina.
Jenna Marie Ortega is the American actress in charge of giving life to Merlina. – Photo: Getty

A few weeks ago, the world shook when the platform of streaming shared a video announcing the second season.

This production was so good for the giant of streaming, that the platform recovered a considerable number of subscribers, approximately 7.6 million. Also, this is the third most streamed series on Netflix after The Squid Game and Strangers Things.

The truth is that many consider it a success.

And it is that since the first ended, many of the fans of the series were “stung” and wanting to know what would happen to the young woman with a cold personality.

However, this Friday, January 20, one of the protagonists of the series has become a trend on social networks because he has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse against minors.

A dark chapter is going through production after several users on social networks asked to cancel Percy Hynes White. The young actor is accused of sexual abuse, racism and manipulation, reason that has led to viralize the hashtag #CancelPercy against him.

Users outraged with Percy's case
Users outraged by the case of Percy Hynes White. – Photo: Photo taken from Twitter: @crmrrd

Apparently, the facts for which the actor is accused date back to his time as a high school student in Canada. It was a Twitter user identified as Milkievich who shared a thread assuring that Percy Hynes organized parties with his friends in which they abused his girlfriends. She even said that they posted intimate photos of the alleged victims.

According to the young woman, the actor and his friends got the girls drunk and drugged to have relationships without their consent. As if that were not enough, he accused the actor of having abused one of his best friends when she was between 13 and 14 years old..

Other girls have shared stories about the actor on Twitter and agree that he allegedly mistreated several women verbally and manipulated them. One of the complainants claims that Hynes allowed herself to be abused in a basement and did not show the slightest concern for her.

Now several fans of the series have asked that the actor not continue with his character in the production.

Percy, actor from Merlina
The actor has been trending for an accusation of sexual abuse. – Photo: @percy