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Soap opera actors who were considered leading men and left television

Valentino Lanus

Her curly hair, wide smile and little brown eyes began to appear in other productions, such as ‘Full of love’, ‘Fools don’t go to heaven’ or ‘Innocent of you’. However, after 2012, her work became more and more sporadic.

Currently, Valentino Lanús is dedicated to leading a spiritual life, focused on the practice of yoga and contact with nature. In addition, he is the father of a girl, to whom he gives all his attention.

Imanol Landeta

The son of Manuel Landeta was from the same generation of leading men in soap operas: we practically saw him grow up in front of the cameras, since he began his career when he was still a child, with ‘Elisa before the end of the world’ or ‘The boy who came from the sea’

Already entered adolescence, he worked on ‘Class 406’ (which you can watch for free on ViX) or ‘De few few fleas’. However, after ‘I swear I love you’, he decided to completely leave the recording sets.

“He’s a short guy (boy), bald, I think the producers still don’t see a lot of bald guys on the street.”

And it is that the young man inherited his father’s baldness. Currently, he is a farmer and businessmen, although he is often seen at public events, since he maintains a connection to the industry thanks to his father.

Luis Jose Santander

Although his career began in the late 80s, it was not until 1995 that the Venezuelan achieved international fame, thanks to his leading role in ‘Lazos de amor’ (which you can watch for free on ViX).

Despite his great popularity, in 2011 he stopped participating in productions on the small screen.

Although he has not expressed what caused this change in his life, in 2016 he assured on the “Hoy” program that he is currently dedicated to his “investment business”, as well as “theater productions”.

Luis José Santander lives in Miami and on social networks boasts of his daughter’s successes in swimming, an area in which she competes professionally.

Rene Lavan

However, the Cuban opted to settle his career in the United States. Thus, he has participated in series and films such as ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘Dirty Dancing 2’, ‘Every Witch Way’ and, more recently, in ‘The Last Rafter’.

On a personal level, it is known that he formed a family with the Spanish journalist Amanda Anusheh, with whom he had a pair of twins who were born prematurely.

Alberto Mayagoitia

After having shared credits with Lucero (in ‘Chispita’), Thalía (in ‘Light and Shadow’), Mariana Levy (in ‘La última esperanza’) and Verónica Castro (in ‘Rosa salvaje’, which you can watch for free on ViX) Many saw a promising future for this soap opera heartthrob.

However, in the mid-’90s, he focused on hosting television, and by 2002, he moved away from the cameras entirely.

The reason? In August 2021, he told the ‘Hoy’ program that:

“I feel that what changed was the medium and a form (a) in which I did not know how to adapt. Suddenly the actors began to have public relations managers, assistants and things like that. And I, who came from being a child actor, well, I did not adapt to that change, so I began to feel like I was out of the game ”.

Since Alberto Mayagoitía left the soap operas, he moved to the United States and dedicated himself to business and in recent years he has even shared some finance courses on social networks.

About his personal life, it is known that he is married to the also actress Lilia Sixtos, with whom he had two children: the young woman followed in his footsteps and is making her way on Broadway, while the man chose the path of business administration.

Jose Luis Resendez

Her first steps in soap operas were in ‘Amigas y rivales’, ‘Clase 406’ and ‘Las vías del amor’, after which she starred in more mature productions such as ‘La madrastra’, ‘Alborada’ or ‘Destilando amor’.

However, in 2018 he publicly announced his resignation from acting, as he assured at the time, as a “protest to defend my rights and all those people who are being exploited in the same way.” Although José Luis Reséndez did not detail what was he referring to, there has been much speculation that he did not reach an agreement with the producer with whom he was working at that time.

Since then, he has not stepped on television sets again, but he remains very active on his social networks, thanks to which we know that he currently has long hair and a bushy beard.

Jose Angel Flames

Thanks to ‘Nothing personal’, he not only gained great projection among the Mexican audience, he also positioned himself as one of the most sought-after leading men.

After little more than a decade on the small screen, he decided to change this title to a completely different one: that of pastor of an evangelical church in Miami (United States), where he has lived for several years.

Curiously, he is married to an also retired actress: Mara Croatto, with whom he had two children.

Tell us in the comments, did you know what these soap opera leading men are currently doing? Who would you like to see on screen again?

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