Actress América Alonso dies at 86: she was an icon of Venezuelan soap operas | Famous

Actress America Alonso He died at the age of 86, according to Venezuelan media reports such as El Universal this Sunday, May 15.

The artist was considered a Venezuelan soap opera icon. In recent years, she lived in Miami, the city in which he died, according to People en Español.

Actress América Alonso leaves: a great soap opera

The causes of death of the first actress were not reportedHowever, media such as Radio Caracas Radio fired her on social networks, highlighting her career.

“The actress América Alonso passed away, it was just her stage name, her name was María Golajovski, and she was a theater and television star in Venezuela. master of generations“, announced the station on Twitter.

The artist was born in the former Yugoslavia and arrived in Venezuela in 1948: ” Communism killed my fatherit is extremely difficult for me to talk about the experience of losing my father,” he said on one occasion, according to El Nacional.

According to People en Español, the actress experienced firsthand the massacre of World War IIWell, he went through the concentration camps.

“I I was alone with my dad when they went to look for himand there we stayed mom and I alone, “he narrated.

He acted in theater, soap operas and movies. One of her most remembered performances was in the film ‘Crab’, directed by Román Chalbaud.

In soap operas he participated in classics such as ‘Soledad’ (1969), ‘La loba’ (1973), ‘Cambio de piel’ (1997) and ‘Dream with you’ (1988) together with José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’.

in 1959 married Mario Bertoul and had two sons: Roberto and Alejandro Bertoul. “Today they are professionals, one lives in Miami and the other in Santiago de Chile,” she said, according to El Nacional.

They already made me four times grandma and that stimulates me to continue living because they are adorable girls and dedicated to their studies”. She also married Daniel Farías.