Actress María Duval, an icon of Argentine cinema in the 1940s, died at the age of 95 | People | Entertainment

The actress Mary Duvalone of the most popular faces of the argentinian cinema of the 1940spassed away this Tuesday at 95 years at his residence Buenos Airesas confirmed to the press by close relatives and confirmed by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Inca).

“It is with profound sadness that we bid farewell to actress Mary Duvalan icon of the Argentine golden cinema of the middle of the last century”, said the Incaa in its official account of Twitter.

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Maria Mogileskyborn in 1926 in the Buenos Aires town of Bahía Blanca, and who adopted Mary Duval as a stage name, it became quite a icon during the golden age of Argentine cinema, although he soon retired from the world of celluloid. He worked in the industry only for 9 years and shot 21 tapes.

Duval’s career, although brief, greatly marked his youth and led him to retire in 1948 after having worked on some of the most important films of the first mid 20th century in the River Plate country, among which are: the spring bride (1942), When the orange tree blooms (1943), lost kisses (1945) and miracle of love (1946).

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It was from 1947, the year in which it was released the dark paththat the actress was consolidated as one of the young stars of the decade and the following year, at just 22 years old, he filmed two of his last films: Story of a bad woman Y the rattlesnake.

Among the acknowledgments to his career stand out the Revelation Award from the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina, received in 1944; the Pathé Camera Award from the National Cinema Museum, in 1981; or the San Gabriel Award for her career, in 1995. In 2007 she was declared Distinguished Citizen of the City of Bahía Blanca.