Actress Marleen Lohse becomes a mother for the first time

First the wedding, then the baby: Just in time for Mother’s Day, she confirms popular TV actress Marleen Lohse: She is becoming a mom for the first time.

She became known through series such as “News from Süderhof” or “The Children from Alstertal”, where she slipped into the role of a witch. In the meantime, Marleen Lohse has advanced to become one of the most well-known German actresses thanks to audience magnets such as “Nord bei Nordwest” or cinema films such as “Vollidiot”. After all the success, she made her private happiness perfect in 2021: Lohse married her longtime partner Max. Now the couple is expecting their first offspring.

The 38-year-old does not comment on the baby news herself. But her agent confirmed the news to “Bild am Sonntag”. “Yes, it’s true,” says a brief statement. “The child is to be born in the fall.”

Lohse shares the first photo with a baby bump

The couple does not want to reveal any further details such as the gender of the baby. However, the expectant mother and the unborn child are doing very well. Lohse publishes a first photo of herself with her baby bump on Instagram. In a photo that shows her by a pool in Provence, France, she stretches towards the sky and shows her stomach. “And remember, today is Mother’s Day,” she captioned the photo.