Actress Samadhi Zendejas cries over text Debanhi sent her

The young actress Samadhi Zendejas caused a stir on social networks after sharing a publication in which she devastated talks about what she lived with the murdered young woman, Debanhi Escobar.

Samadhi Zendejas She is a recognized actress in the world of soap operas and television series. Throughout her career, she has positioned herself as one of the favorites and spoiled by the public due to her charisma and personality.

The young actress is extremely talented, she has played important roles in which she stands out in the entertainment world in Mexico, she has always known how to show her passion for what she does, which is why she has earned the affection of the entire soap opera public.

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As a young actress, she has received different recognitions, and it is that she has made important characters that have catapulted her to fame.

This time the young woman who played Jenni Rivera in the series ‘Mariposa de Barrio’ is moved by the death of Debanhi Susana Escobar Basalduawho disappeared on April 8 in a municipality of Nuevo León, where after 13 days of an unstoppable search, she was found dead in a grave.

The famous argued on her social networks that Debanhi followed her social networks and had left her a message, hence Samadhi Zendejas’s pain was greater, since she still does not overcome the unfortunate loss of this young girl who is only 18 years old.

Through his Instagram, Samadhi Zendejas shared his pain and expressed his condolences to his parents and relatives, who were devastated by his sad death.

Actress Samadhi Zendejas cries over a text Debanhi sent her. Photo: Facebook

The pretty actress of the False Identity series cannot believe that there is so much insecurity and impunity in the Mexican country, he comments in his video that this unfortunate event in which Debanhi suffered abuse and his life was taken away causes him shock.

In the midst of tears, Samadhi Zendejas assures that he is going to carry out Debanhi’s request, since in a message asked him to remove his YouTube channel to be closer and in contactsince he became his unconditional fan.

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Over the years, the model has also become a role model for many girls her age, who are trapped by her great talent in the world of acting and the content she shares for everyone.

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