Actress Talks Dating: Drew Barrymore: “It’s Unbelievable How Painful Ghosting Is”

US actress Drew Barrymore (“Charlie’s Angels”) talks about the uncomfortable sides of dating. “It’s unbelievable how painful ghosting is,” the 47-year-old told People magazine about her experiences with the other person suddenly breaking off contact. “For anyone out there who’s been ghosted and feels like bushfire went through their body, I can totally understand that.”

“Why did I say yes to that dinner?”

It’s so strange that a human being could behave like that, Barrymore said. The term “ghosting” describes the phenomenon that people you are dating vanish into thin air like a ghost – all calls and messages suddenly go unanswered. According to psychologists, “ghosts” are often afraid of direct confrontation or the commitment that a partnership entails.

She’s also been on dates that she regretted from the start, Barrymore said. She asked herself, “Oh god, why did I say yes to this dinner? Why don’t I realize: Don’t make dinner.” It’s tough sitting down with someone else when you only have so few nights off to yourself, said the actress, who has two daughters and has hosted her own talk show since 2020. “That alone takes away your desire to date.”