Actresses and actors who left soap operas and now lead a happier life: these were their reasons | Famous

Is the fame and recognition that comes with taking up acting really that good? Although there are many celebrities for whom it seems that way, there are many others who have openly explained that this is not necessarily the case.

Some have even talked about how little they felt comfortable with that pace of life. We tell you about their cases and the reasons they have given as to why they left soap operas.

Flavio César compared himself to others despite his fame

Although his career began as a musician, it was in soap operas where his fame exploded even more.

However, it was of little use to become one of the most sought-after leading men of the 90s, because within him, he continued to lead a life of “loneliness” and feeling “an emptiness”, as he recalled in a live broadcast in early May. of 2022.

In the same talk, he revealed that he came to feel courage to see that his (Christian) assistant lived in such peace despite the fact that he was the famous one.

Comparing their lifestyles, he decided to leave the stage and devote himself to religion.

Esmeralda Pimentel was happier after leaving soap operas

The actress of titles like ‘Verano de amor’, ‘I love you, I love you’ and ‘The neighbor’ revealed in April 2022 that working in soap operas did not fulfill her.

The reason is that “I no longer had time to read, go to the theater, watch movies (…) everything was already work, work, work”. He explained that this is due to the very nature of telenovela recordings, which require too much time on set.

He also assured that, once he put aside this type of project, “I was very happy.”

Christian Meier preferred to have a “normal” life

Another soap opera heartthrob who completely distanced himself from these productions was the Peruvian. In February of this year he explained that his decision was based, in part, on the fact that the characters in the melodramas seemed “very flat and very boring” to the point that he stopped enjoying acting.

Additionally, he assured that he had spent years with a deep desire to “have an ordinary, completely normal life.” This last detail also motivated him to move to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Bárbara Mori cried in her dressing room of ‘Rubí’

The truth is that the actress’s experience with soap operas was also marked by her personal history of family abuse.

As he recounted in a talk in April 2020, when he brought Rubí to life,

“I had those three things that according to society lead to happiness: I was famous, successful and they paid me very well. However, I would get to my dressing room, close the door, look at myself in the mirror and start crying. She felt lonely, empty, sad”.

This made her question whether she should really follow that path or listen to her artistic instinct and pursue her dreams of becoming a filmmaker. After considering it, she opted for the seventh art.

Allisson Lozz suffered in her stage as an actress

‘Alegrijes y Rebujos’, ‘To the devil with the handsome’ and others were the productions that made her one of the most promising actresses of the first decade of the century.

However, overnight he left the recording sets. To this day, she leads a life completely removed from entertainment, as the mother of a family in the United States and a salesperson for a makeup brand.

Although for years he sought anonymity, more recently he has dared to speak publicly about what he experienced as a soap opera star.

In the middle of last April, for example, she reported that the people she worked with were “cruel”, they yelled at her and treated her badly. She even asked those who still remember her from her time in the soap opera not to ask her about it.