Adal Ramones arrived at Televisa with a new look and is already another (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: EDSON VÁZQUEZ, JOSÉ LUIS RAMOS. Without saying “¡Agua va!”, Adal Ramones reappeared last week on Televisa San Ángel, after five years in which he tried his luck outside the company as a driver and actor.

His surprise step in the corridors generated expectation, which grew when it was found that he met with the producer Rubén Galindo, who prepares the broadcast of contests My famous and me.

The man from Monterrey kindly asked not to be interviewed, perhaps to avoid confirming the reason for his visit that lasted about an hour and a half, and perhaps also not to be questioned that this year he will become a father for the fourth time.

From May 2018 to date, Adal Ramones served as host of two seasons of the reality show La Academia, and of México tiene talento (2019). A year later he was in charge of Don’t, don’t do it. As an actor, he performed in the play Dos más dos and is now touring with Adrián Uribe on the Chavorrucos Tour. Meanwhile, in cinema he participated in three films: Until the wedding do us part, Forties and Three Wise Men VS Santa.


Last week, Adal Ramones also attended the premiere of the movie Unhappy Ever After, held in CDMX. There she drew attention not only because of how extremely slim she looks; also because of the “tiger claw” that she gave herself to her face, and that today makes it look totally different.

The glasses, the hair and the reduction of the double chin give him a more youthful appearance, of an authentic chavorruco.

Adal Ramones, before and after

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