Adal Ramones stranded on the road due to serious problems

Through their social mediathe famous television host, Adal Ramones, published the moments of tension he experienced when he was trapped in the middle of the Mexico-Puebla highway, after the local residents closed the road for the alleged kidnapping of a minor.

Adal Ramonesdescribed in several videos that he published on his official Instagram account that this event took place on Thursday afternoon, at the height of the town of Cold river.

In his narration of the events, he mentioned that the villagers had decided to block the road to demand from the local authorities the appearance alive of a nine-year-old boy named, Edward de Jesus Nuevowho would have been stolen by several individuals, as reported by the residents themselves.

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Adal Ramones stranded on the road due to serious problems.

This blockade has been going on for more than four hours, but the important thing is the data they gave us. The population came together to close the road, but we do not know what is happening. It is said that in this area there is a lot of child abduction, just now they were asking the National Guard what is happening and they said that the neighbors refuse to dialogue, ”he said in a first message.

In a second video, Adal returned to his car and sitting in the back seat of his truck, he recorded those moments in which he was totally stopped by the road chaos that this social demand caused and in which the long line of cars is clearly observed. that was in front of him.

In the scene it is seen that one of his collaborators was on the co-pilot’s side, while his driver had gotten out to try to find out more about what was happening at the scene.

Adal Ramones also commented that the protesters used a crane to close several lanes of this highway, and that in despair of being able to receive attention from the authorities, they had also threatened to burn several trailers if their demands were not met.

After 5 hours detained, Ramones reported that they had been informed that they would open a lane to allow circulation; however, he explained that what concerned him most was the child’s situation.

In the video in which it is seen that the lane was opened and that it was already advanced, Adal Ramones shared his feelings regarding these events and explained that it was at almost 02:00 am that the movement on the highway began.

The claim and frustration of inhabitants tired of not being heard reached this extreme. Miles of stopped cars and trailers with stories of despair in each of them. How long will people endure not being served by the authorities? Now it was the case of the kidnapping of a child and a suspicious car, of calls, according to residents of this place, where they asked for ransom to free the minor. Miscellaneous blood-curdling rumors and a feeling of helplessness as we imagine many harrowing stories inside the trapped vehicles,” he wrote.

This population of Río Frío got tired of being invisible and took courage by blocking one of the most important accesses and exits to Cdmx. They warn and demand to be heard. Where is Edward, the boy from Rio Frio? Did he show up? Pta was introduced. Municipal @rosicelyhernandez to face their voters? Or do we only see politicians when it comes to wanting our favors? In the end we left the road, when will we leave as a country? Don’t let this turn into Fuenteovejuna; Lord Commander! ”Wrote the comedian.

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