Adam Levine’s wife boasts of her advanced pregnancy and is reminded of the singer’s infidelity

A few months ago Behati Prinsloo announced her pregnancy as a result of her marriage to the singer Adam Levine, from whom some risqué messages were later known that he had sent to an influencer through social networks.

the model of victoria’s secret and the vocalist of Maroon 5, they are the parents of two daughters Dusty and Gio, and so far it is unknown sex of your new baby.

The news of the new member of the family was clouded after the model, Sumner Stroh, reveal all the messages sent to him by the famous insinuating himself and then other women appeared assuring that they had also received messages from him.

Behati Prinsloo is asked to have more self-esteem

Although at the time the interpreter denied the accusations, while his wife remained silent, the netizens They do not forget and after some photographs posted on their social networks, they have reminded her of her husband’s infidelity.

Through their stories in instagram hung a before and now of his advanced tummywhile posing without clothes in front of a mirror and covering her breasts with her phone, while with the other hand she touched her tummy.

Behati and Adam Levine expecting their third child.

His postcards sparked comments from netizens who reject that despite their infidelity, they continue posing and appearing as if nothing had ever happened.

Between criticism, insults and accusations have experienced their pregnancy, since they consider that the model does not maintain “self-respect” by forgiving him for his disrespect Already levine They have canceled it because of the pore respect he has had with his family.

before the wave of negative feedback, Behati decided to ban comments on her profile Instagram.

“Have a little self-love”, “You forgave an infidelity and he will do it again”, “How sad that you continue with that man by your side”, “You are beautiful and he wanted to change you for another, do not allow it”, it is part of the comments that you left.