Adamari López and former Miss Universe discuss live “because” of Piqué

The rumors about the breakup of the soccer player with his new girlfriend Clara Chía upset the Puerto Rican and the Mexican Andrea Meza.

In the “Spicy and Explosive” section of the program “Today”from Telemundo”, the hosts Adamari López and the Mexican Andrea Meza had a clash of opinions regarding the rumor that the relationship between Gerad Piqué, Shakira’s ex, and his girlfriend Clara Chía would be in crisis.

“I honestly think that Clara Chía is not to blame for anything, he is the slimy one, he is the one who does not know what he wants,” said Meza, who in 2020 was crowned miss Universe.

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“Like what Clara Chia Is he not guilty of anything?” Adamari was quick to intervene. “She knew that she was in a relationship, she could have expected or not to have agreed to go out with him instead of agreeing to go out with a man who has a 12-year relationship years with a woman.

Andrea Meza, host of Telemundo’s “Hoy día” program. Illustrative and non-commercial image /

Adamari’s point of view, however, did not finish convincing Meza.

“No, no, no, who was the one who broke off the relationship? Here we are telling the man ‘no, you’re fine, you’re calm, if they flirt with you, then no way,’ commented the former beauty queen.

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Adamari Lopez. Illustrative and non-commercial image/

“I am not saying that he is fine, but neither is she,” Adamari made it clear. “In other words, a woman who enters into a relationship knowing that she has a relationship with another man, no, she is not a husband-stealer but she is wrong. She is a woman who has no principles either, ”added the Puerto Rican.