Adamari López and the rituals she follows to have abundance, love and travel in 2023

2023 is just around the corner and that is why there are several celebrities who are preparing to receive it in style, such as Adamari López, who has a series of rituals to attract only the best.

The famous points to a new year full of abundance, love and travel, for which she carries out a series of activities, which according to her beliefs, will bring her closer to what they so long for.

The rituals that Adamari López follows by 2023

“I believe that the rituals are all done: throw water back, run out with the suitcases, eat the twelve grapes for prosperity, red and yellow shorts”, he said smiling in an interview quoted by People.

All of them have worked for me at the time. I remember one time that I put on both shorts, the red and the yellow at the same time, which I think is for money and prosperity, that it was a very good year, and the red one for love. The water back so that the bad goes away, the suitcases to travel a lot, they have all worked for me, ”she confessed.

Undoubtedly, the presenter of Today He hopes that 2023 will be better than this past year, because although it brought him many job successes, now you want to share your life with a new love.

“I have had a year where I have known how to value work and be grateful for it. I think what I have learned is to enjoy each stage, feel it, live it, face it, and move forward.”, he asserted, recalling that this year he was healing his separation with Toni Costa.

“In personal terms, I think there are many things that I can continue working on to continue improving, in self-esteem, in personalityin character ”, he concluded.