Adamari López and Toni Costa together again because of Covid

The beautiful Puerto Rican actress who continues to captivate millions thanks to her personality and her particular history with diseases Adamari López could have returned with her ex Tony Costa, there are those who affirm that they are due to their illness.

If you are an admirer of the presenter of Hoy Día and judge of the reality show Así Se Baila Adamari Lopez, you will know that for a couple of days she has been a little sick due to a new contagion of the virus that caused the pandemic.

This is precisely the reason why the ex-married couple are together again, perhaps some Internet users would think that this was due to the love they felt for each other, it is worth mentioning that they have a beautiful daughter in common Alaïa.

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A few days ago, the host, dancer and also an actress reported sick, so she stopped participating in the program she hosts alongside other television personalities, innocently thinking that it was a cold.

He was probably overconfident because he already had both vaccines and perhaps even the booster, and to his surprise he found out that he had a second infection, so to avoid any complications, he also decided to hospitalize on the recommendation of his doctor.

Adamari Lopez is much better from her illness, it will be due to the care of her ex | instagram adamarilopez

With this, she began to receive prevention treatments, with the aim that the disease would not affect her as it did 3 years ago when she contracted influenza and was in poor health for a full month.

It was through a video on Chisme No Like, who shared the news that Toni Costa was at the house of Adamari Lopez taking care of her due to her illness, something that would undoubtedly win over viewers even more.

The drivers questioned the fact that the actress shared the information days after her situation occurred, apparently she is currently much better, however to the surprise of many, seeing her ex-husband nearby and taking care of her is not something that goes unnoticed.

Surely more than one will question the fact that the love between the two has returned, despite the fact that now the dancer has a new girlfriend, it is not an idea that can be quickly ruled out.

Another possibility and which is a little more obvious, is that she has also been looking after her daughter, whether they like it or not, Adamari will always have a relationship with Toni, whether they are a couple or not, they are united by their daughter and perhaps a love as friends after so many years together.