Adamari López made a funny joke with Laura Bozzo’s audio

True to her direct, aggressive and controversial style, Laura Bozzo returned to the fray and this time she seems to have shot Adamari López. Although in reality, it is only a joke on social networks made by the Puerto Rican driver.

In one of her most recent publications, the host of “Hoy Día” shared a video with the influencer Paula Galindo, better known on networks such as @pautips; where both are very fun and relaxed having a few glasses of wine.

In the background, an audio of Laura Bozzo is heard saying: “You who believe that in all meetings the fun is alcohol, this is what you turn it into (…) it is a person who does not even have neurons to respond, it is a person who is a waste”.

While the filtered audio plays, the women are dedicated to having their glasses of wine and in the end Lopez has a surprised gesture after hearing Bozzo’s words, but it is an “acting”.

To the publication, López added: “Oh, Miss Laura … let it happen”, remembering the famous phrase of the driver in her program “Let the unfortunate pass”.

For her part, Bozzo returned to the small screen on Telemundo after a complicated 2021 where she was persecuted by the Mexican authorities for alleged fraud crimes that are still being investigated.