Adamari López starts the year with a black opaque latex outfit

The well-known television host Adamari López decided to start the week with a video with which he will surely end up imposing fashion among his millions of followers on Instagram, with a beautiful latex outfit in a black and opaque color.

For many entertainment celebrities, starting a new year may have been the perfect opportunity to start showing off new and flirty outfits as was the case with Adamari Lopez.

Although to tell the truth in his particular case, any garment that he has been sharing on Instagram could be considered new, especially since he began to lose weight and change his body drastically thanks to the exercise routine that he began for years.

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Apparently in her video it seems that she is at home, because the driver and famous actress is in a large patio with well-kept green grass, at the bottom of the image we can see some slides and games that her daughter surely uses Alaïa.

Adamari López always boasts her beauty at every opportunity | Instagram adamarilopez

In her video we hear the voice of Meghan Trainor in the background with her song Title, while Toni Costa’s ex-wife wears a palazzo or you also know it as a jumpsuit, this is black without sleeves and with a “V” neck.

The captivating thing about the outfit is that it is black and the fabric seems to be an opaque latex, like a whole model Adamari Lopez he approaches little by little towards the camera, when he reaches the point he poses a little and moves his hips once he turns a little.

You can also see her beautiful sneakers that of course are also black with a platform and high heels, the back is red so it stands out.


In his description he mentioned that he had the attitude of Tuesday, and that he should have fun, which he obviously did in the images, which by the way he mentioned 8 hours ago on his official Instagram.

That should always be the Adamari attitude … The attitude of a winner, and ignore hateful comments, “commented one fan.

So far he has more than one hundred thousand views and 1,358 comments where part of his fans encourage him and agree that he should always have this attitude not only on Tuesdays, which is when he shared the video.

My total admiration for this beautiful, beautiful woman, mother and professional at the same time, “commented a netizen.