Adamari López tested positive and preferred to be hospitalized

After two years undefeated, Adamari Lopez He was infected with COVID-19 and thanks to his social networks he has been in contact with his public, to inform them that he is extremely careful.

“I greet you from home to tell you that I tested positive for covid-19. I thought that I had escaped in these two years that we have been in the pandemic. I love you and remember that health is the most important thing. I count on your prayers and affection”, wrote.

He told about his symptoms, because he thought he had a cold. “I started feeling sore throats, body aches, headaches, I think I had a fever. I had stopped going to work, had taken COVID tests and they were negative, but after I stopped going to work, the results are positive.

“Within the circumstances I’m fine, I’m going to take precautionary measures to be even better. You will know that a few years ago I got very sick with the flu and maybe because I wasn’t proactive, things got much more complicated for me, which I don’t I am going to allow myself at this moment. I am going to take drastic measures to be well and better, “he said.

He shared that his test came back positive.

So he was not lying when he said that he will take extreme care, so he preferred to be hospitalized.