Adamari López undergoes treatment to eliminate flaccidity from her abdomen

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- Adamari López He surprised his followers this Monday by undergoing an aesthetic procedure to combat flaccidity in his abdomen after losing weight.

Through her Instagram account, the host shared the step-by-step of the treatment that was carried out to reduce measurements and improve appearance. .

“I don’t have a complex about who I am. That is what I was left with between motherhood and fatness, ”she said the famous weeks ago when she was criticized for sharing a photo of her natural abdomen.

However, the above does not mean that she can improve her appearance, so she decided to go to her main spa to have her ‘Pampering Monday’, as she herself said.

treatment and outcome

“I am going to give you a body treatment that is to help you combat flaccidity in the entire stomach area. The treatment is called liposonic, which is a high-intensity ultrasound, completely painless and will reduce you, you will see the area a little tighter, we will combat flaccidity, “explained the specialist to the television host.

Unlike other procedures, this one has immediate results with just one session, so the before and after of the ex-partner of Tony Costa surprised his multiple colleagues and fans.

This is the before and after of Adamari López's abdomen.