Adamari López was hospitalized for COVID-19

In the midst of the third great wave of Covid-19 due to the omicron variant, one of the celebrities who confirmed his positive was Adamari López who through her social networks explained that she was going to be absent for several days of the television show, Today.

However, the symptoms gave the Puerto Rican no respite, so He decided in the company of his doctors to hospitalize to receive a better treatment to help you get out of this difficult stage soon.

“Speaking with my doctors and my medical team, we made the decision to, for the symptoms I had, to enter the hospital and treat me”, he confirmed through a video he posted on his Facebook page last Monday, January 17.

This decision did not take many days to take and it is that only during the weekend The driver communicated her case, stating that she was going to take stronger measures in this regard.

Motivated by the strong pneumonia he suffered in 2018 that kept her on the verge of death for a month, so now, it has led her to be more radical to avoid severe complications.

“Remember that about 3 years ago I had influenza and I was in very bad health in a very difficult state and with the concern that the same thing would happen again with symptoms that could be similar”, he added.

This decision lasted for three days in which she was hospitalized and she already feels much better. “I no longer have a tight chest, all the congestion I had has been diminishing, not that I don’t have it, but I have a lot less,” he explained.

I already came home, I’m still positive for covid-19 according to the tests I did, but, well, I feel much better, the treatment worked very well for me, “he clarified to relieve his fans who have shown support for him since then.