Adamari López was surprised on Mother’s Day

During a picnic morning, Alaia took the opportunity to remind her mother of the things she likes to do the most with the Puerto Rican presenter.

The charismatic Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López was moved to tears during an event dedicated to mothers on her day, where her daughter, little Alaia Costa, took it upon herself to remind her of everything she likes to share together.

During a picnic morning held on Sunday at the little girl’s school, with a mischievous smile, Alaia delivered a surprise for her mother. “Let me see what’s here, oh my god!” Said the Puerto Rican, remarkably moved.

“This is for you, mom. with all my heart ”added the little girl who also explained what were the things that she loved to share with her mother.

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As is often seen on social networks, mother and daughter were very affectionate, between hugs, laughter, games and the company of other Alaia school friends, who suddenly came to greet the camera.

Later on her social networks Adamari shared a small video on her Instagram account joining a new trend, the images shown on the reel begin with a mother and daughter photo session, followed by a photograph during the presenter’s pregnancy. , one of Alaia newborn and of course one of very recent.

Recently the little girl dedicated a few words to her father, the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, because some guy was separated because he is about to enter the program “La Casa de los Famosos”, where none of the members can leave of the place where they are staying.