Adame’s ex said why his children don’t want to reconcile

again, Mary Pan Banquells He denied the statements he made Alfredo Adame before entering a reality show and assured that her ex-husband has not tried to approach his children to reconcile at any time, but revealed that there was interest from a television station to cover the emotional reunion.

In a brief talk with the press, the Mexican actress clarified that the exhistrión had not deigned to personally contact her children DIego, Sebastian and Alexander and, on the contrary, it was a television program that sought them out to try to be in charge of recording the reconciliation of both parties.

But as expected, the offspring of the protagonist of ‘Family Portrait’ did not agree with his way of doing things and they rejected the invitation to the program, it is special because they don’t want to make a circus of this difficult family situation.

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“No, no, no, a program was communicated with Diego that they wanted to do reconciliation in the program. His father did not look for him “, clarified the actress and added that” Diego what he answered was that he was not going to lend himself to a media show “.

Alfredo Adame’s children have made their position known on more than one occasion, since they want their father to approach them to try to make peaceand as long as it is not that way, they are not willing to have an approach with him: “If his father wanted, he would look for them and my other children are in the same plan.”

Obviously the sister Rocio Banquellssided with his children, above all, for all the complicated moments he made them go through by publicly violating, and mentioned that Adame will only obtain his children’s forgiveness as long as he wishes it with his heart.

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“If your father wants from his heart to recognize… he said a lot of thingsIt is not easy for your father to come out saying publicly that you are not his son, that you do not have his last name, that he is going to take it from you and many other things, so they have to talk about it, “he explained.

As if that were not enough, Mary Paz Banquells revealed that she and her children had to go to a specialist to deal with everything that happened, but assured that they are already better and with all the desire to continue advancing despite the ups and downs.

we had to take therapy And well, here we are, the four of us, very strong, well united and well getting ahead, the truth It has been a good life lesson for my children, they have grown, they have matured and here we go the four of us fighting him”, he concluded.

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