Adele abruptly stops her concert to get help for a troubled fan

Adele abruptly stops her concert to get help for a troubled fan. While the English singer dazzled with her beauty and her new fitted silhouette in an elegant black velvet dress by Schiaparelli, she unexpectedly stopped singing on stage.

The 34-year-old was singing “Skyfall” when she noticed that a group of admirers tried to get his attentionso he abruptly stopped singing and asked the security team to come to that area to help.

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In a video shared on social networks, the English woman is heard saying: “Do you need the help of security? they are coming. Right in the middle, can you see where everyone’s waving?” This came in the middle of their long-awaited return to the stage at London’s BST Hyde Park.

The British press reported that Adele stopped his concert in the London city in several times to help fans who needed medical assistance, after learning that many of his fans waited for more than seven hours for his show under the sun’s rays.

The artist was unaware that most of her followers spent long hours under the sun’s rays causing sunstroke. Meanwhile, others were able to sing along to some of his songs from his “30” album like “I Drink Wine,” “Easy On Me,” and “Oh My God.”

The clip shows that every time the crowd waved at her, she stopped singing and he asked for help from his security. One fan of the artist said: “It’s not something you tend to see that often.”

Meanwhile, the security guards and the medical team tried to reach the place where the fan was in trouble; turn from the stage Adele exhorted the rest of the attendees to stand aside so that the staff could arrive as soon as possible.

This was the singer’s first public show, since 2017 when he gave two concerts at Wembley.

On stage, the star said “I am so happy to be back”. Let us remember that months ago he had prepared a series of presentations in Las Vegas, which in January he had to postpone due to the health emergency. However, in this concert 65 thousand people were able to enjoy the voice of the English singer.

Between tears and apologies, Adele announced the cancellation of the concerts, because half of her team was infected with Covid-19. The British singer was scheduled to begin a three-month residency at Caesars Palace Hotel for her first live appearances since 2017.

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