Adele and more celebrities who inspire us to break down prejudices about aging

There are too many prejudices about aging: that the best things in life are running out, that we will lose beauty and value, that we will no longer be desired and a lot of other misconceptions, to which several famous have rebelled.

Usually women are the ones who have to carry a heavier cross due to the great pressure of society to look forever young and perfect, something that they have ignored showing their most real side.

Celebrities who teach us not to be afraid of the passage of age


The most recent, in this sense, was the British woman who appeared on her Instagram profile showing her face without makeup and exhibiting the wrinkles beginning to appear around the eyes.

About your 34th birthday, he wanted the world to begin to understand that expression lines and gray hair are a normal part of life, so we should not feel ashamed to show them off.

“What a difference a year makes! If time continues to heal and smooth out all the wrinkles in my life as it does as the years go by, So I can’t wait to be 60! I have never been happier!“, wrote.

Regina Blandon

Others who have a fight about it is the Mexican famous for her participation in The P. Luche Familywho through social networks He constantly reminds his fans that it is wrong to comment on other people’s bodies.

If people were more aware of this, they would not have so many insecurities and complexes to show themselves as they are and assume the passage of time with love.

“Let’s normalize birthdays. People, every year, we turn a year older than the one we already had, we grow and age”, she once replied to a user who called her “old”.

Ludwika Palette

The Polish woman who has lived in Mexico for several years claims to love and accept her wrinkles and body changes because they only talk about the fortune of being able to grow, add age and live.

“We have to thank life for giving us moments, experiences and experiences and understand that every wrinkle is happiness”, has said.