Adele falls in love with facades, with a bun and without a drop of makeup

If it’s about music, Adele She is one of the best exponents and that is why she has conquered us with her incredible mezzo soprano voice. But she also He has fallen in love with her confidence and beauty, which is not overshadowed or because she is in front, with a bun and without a drop of makeupas recently happened.

The 33-year-old British singer always stands out for looking radiant from head to toe at every event; However, the also composer has never hesitated to show herself as she looks in her day-to-day life, since she has shown that her concern is not to wear the best outfits and have the perfect makeup and hairstyle.

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Recently, the interpreter of easy on me, Hello and Rolling in the deep She reminded her followers through one of her Instagram accounts that she was about to share a symbolic moment for her: the broadcast of her two-hour concert. An Audience with Adele on the NBC television network, which took place over the weekend.

It was a special project for the singer, as she worked on it last year in London, UK, to celebrate the success of her fourth album: 30, which launched in November of last year. So his outfit was in the background and he didn’t mind being as simple and natural as possible.

Your outfit? A burgundy sweatshirt, black leggings and black tennis shoes. To top it off, she opted for a bun and didn’t wear a drop of makeup. This shows that Adele’s beauty is from another world, since she looks beautiful even in facades, but above all it is clear that her confidence and security are her best allies.

His followers reacted positively to this outfits, since some comments left on the publication are “how beautiful you are”, “happiness suits you” and “you are iconic”. Meanwhile, fashion experts listed Adele’s outfit as a staple of the season which, therefore, cannot be missing in the wardrobe.

This is because is a minimalist outfit and a stylish version of the elegant women of the street style, according to Vogue. To be more specific, they explained that it is the normcore trendwhich is not new, but is currently a must because it is part of a “casual aesthetic”.

The way to create this outfits It is by wearing basic garments such as leggings, plain tops, plain or printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and tennis shoes or discreet shoes. Ideally, this set should be in neutral colors such as black, beige and white. You can combine garments in these colors or opt for the monochrome style.

In this way, it is clear that Adele is an example to follow, as she always hits the outfits, whether they are elegant and sophisticated or basic. The best thing is that it is an option that anyone can use, in addition to the fact that they are garments that can be obtained anywhere.