Adele fires her entire creative team after canceled Las Vegas shows

According to the international press, the English singer renewed her entire staff to prevent her “Weekends with Adele” shows from being canceled again for not being “good enough” as a result of her demands.

Canceling a show a few hours before its start does not seem to be an action of the stature of the British singer Adele, however it happened: last January, the artist announced that the recurring concerts that she would offer in the coliseum of the famous Caesars Palace casino were postponed after major production problems.

fans of Adele they had come to pay up to $600 for a ticket to this fixed concert that would take place in Sin City. She promised that those same tickets could work when the organization and execution of her recitals resumed. And although it has not been revealed when these dates have been rescheduled, it is known that the artist is determined to fulfill her followers and for this she made a drastic decision.

The star has become extremely demanding. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image

It was the tabloid The Telegraph The one who assured that Adele fired her entire creative team and hired a new one to carry out her concerts in the United States without any surprises, which could take place this summer, according to speculation in said medium. And it is that these recitals, called “Weekends with Adele”, would enter more than 2.2 million dollars into the coffers of the Englishwoman, surpassing the record of Céline Dion.

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“I’m sorry, but my show is not ready (…) We have tried everything to have it on time and that it was good enough,” Adele explained at the time, revealing, at the same time, feeling “embarrassed” by the cancellation decision . After a few months of a lot of stress, it seems that things are starting to get back on track in terms of preparations.

The singer was devastated when announcing the cancellation of her concerts. Illustrative and non-commercial image/

Yes, Adele even hired a new designer, because she also fired whoever was creating her clothes. And it is that the demands of the interpreter were quite high and nothing and nobody met those standards; even The Sun leaked a heated discussion with designer Esmeralda Devlin, who had already worked with her on the 2016 world tour.

“Despite the fact that it cost millions to put together the set (in reference to the set), Adele was not happy with the result and made her feelings very clear to Esmeralda (…) and the fight made her panic because she was desperate because everything was perfect,” a source told The Sun.