Adele reappears to celebrate her 34th birthday and falls in love with her face without makeup

Adele reappears to celebrate her 34th birthday and falls in love with her face without makeupwhat’s more wearing an original dress by Carolina Herrera created specifically for her. This is the first public appearance of the singer of “Skyfall” and “Someone like you” after canceling his concert season in Las Vegas.

It was at the end of 2021 when Adele finally unveiled her new musical themes. With a record called 33the singer presented a series of very personal songs, because not only did her great voice shine again, but she also talked about her difficult divorce process, believing in love again and more.

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With the first single “Easy on me”, Adele He quickly returned to the popularity charts, starred in various concerts for television where he performed his greatest hits and other new songs, confirming that although he had lost a lot of weight, his talent remained the same.

the news of his residence in Las Vegas caused a stir and several of his followers from different parts of the world did the impossible to attend his presentations, but on the day that would be the first concert, the Adele He broke down in tears on social networks and canceled everything, arguing that due to the pandemic the show was not ready with the quality that his followers deserved.

Almost five months later, finally Adele reappears and she is as happy and calm as ever, but yes, she shines with her face free of makeup and a glittery mini dress with puff sleeves created especially for her by Wes Gordon, creative director of the fashion house.

Seeing him so happy has created speculation about whether now Adele could resume his series of concerts, but nothing else has been confirmed.

Adele empowers with her wrinkles and skin blemishes

The image of Adele already adds almost five million reactions And this is partly because she has shown her face without makeup and without filters, empowering women like her with their wrinkles and skin blemishes.

Although Adele is one of the most beloved singers in the world, success is not something that has always been with her, because several times she has told how she had a difficult life after the separation of her parents, the abandonment of her father and how music became her salvation. From singing in bars, Adele demonstrated a unique style that she fell in love with and in the process she saw great voices get lost, like Amy Winehouse, so she tried to be more careful.

Reserved with her personal life although she herself has told about her new romance and how happy it makes her feel, Adele He has also won fans with his simplicity, his peculiar sense of humor and the honesty with which he conducts himself.

The new images of Adele They are a trend in networks and the followers hope that he can finally take his musical career again and completely.

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