Adele stops in the middle of a concert to help a fan in distress

The singer, who was performing in London over the weekend, suspended her concert mid-song when she spotted a distressed fan in the audience.

Adele ensures the safety of the spectators of her concerts: Friday evening, while performing in London at the BST Hyde Park festival, the singer stopped in the middle of a song to ask security to come in helping one of her fans, whom she had spotted in the audience.

As shown in a video shared on Twitter by a person present, the interpreter of Easy on Me had just begun the first verse of the title Sky Fall when she abruptly raised her hand for her musicians to stop playing.

“Stop, stop, stop”, did she throw, before pointing his finger at the audience asking for “security help”: “Look, right in the middle, where they’re all waving. See?”. Then, to the address of the group in question: “They are coming, they are coming.”

The previous Astroworld

The images do not show what the problem was faced by the fan in question. But the singer only resumed her song after security intervened. An initiative welcomed by the acclamations of the public.

These images come a few months after the tragedy of the Astroworld festival organized by Travis Scott, in Texas, in November 2021. A crowd movement during a concert by the rapper left ten dead, and he was blamed for his inaction. . Since then, international artists seem to have redoubled their vigilance with their audiences: singer Billie Eilish has interrupted two concerts in recent months to rescue fans in attendance.