Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) beaten and threatened by her ex-husband, her poignant story

By Carla Biancarelli

– Modified Nov 24, 2022 at 11:14 am

This Thursday, November 24, 2022, Star Academy teacher Adeline Toniutti spoke about her difficult past in Liberation.

This Saturday, November 19, 2022 took place the semi-final of the star Academy. Singer Marc Lavoine created a controversy by kissing candidate Léa on the neck. A few days later, on Wednesday, the young singer reacted publicly. This Saturday, November 26, TF1 will broadcast the long-awaited grand finale of telecrochet. To offer the best performances, candidates can count on the support of their singing teacher, Adeline Toniutti. Adored by Internet users, the young woman has a life course that arouses admiration. The red-haired artist was a great opera singer in the past. Unfortunately, a terrible domestic accident changed his life forever. This Thursday, November 24, 2022, the newspaper Release painted his portrait in which readers discovered certain traumatic passages of his life.

Adeline Toniutti victim of domestic violence and a domestic accident

In the columns of Release, Adeline Toniutti explained this serious accident which made him take a big turn in his life. In 2014, the lyrical singer had her airways burned due to a chimney fire. “One freezing night, I wake up, go to the bathroom and start vomiting blood. Except I was spitting out my vocal cords,” she confided. Then follows a long medical battle to find his voice. Lined with a personal struggle to get out of a very violent union. ” Her husband takes advantage of her silence, hits her, threatens her, leaves her to rot in a cellar for hours“, we then learn in the interview. “He hits the one who can’t yell”, denounces the young woman. It was then that the courageous artist will try to free herself from the financial grip of her companion and look for a job. But “even Leclerc fails it”.

Liberation Instagram

Finally, Adeline Toniutti was able to count on the help of a friend in the course of a discussion. “I call battered women. They tell me that I can have accommodation, shrinks. I’m leaving “, she explained. Then she follows care and rehabilitation for her vocal cords. Before opening his center CALYP (Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris). Throughout her medical battle, she filmed in great detail until her operation, to lift this taboo in the lyrical world. Then there is a second consecration. “I go back on stage, I play in New York. I find my audience, I do my first castings to join the Star Academy…”she proudly concluded.