Adil Rami attacks an RMC comedian after his controversial performance!

The performance of Adil Rami during the presentation of the UNFP trophies will undoubtedly remain in the annals of French football. The 36-year-old had indeed decided to throw a spade at Pamela Anderson with whom he had been in a relationship. The latter who had accused him of domestic violence at the time of their breakup. Since then, their relationship had become so stormy that the public had ended up getting involved. This explains the wave of indignation that followed his speech before handing over his trophy to the best referee.

Adil Rami cash in his remarks

Internet users’ criticisms of Adil Rami were far from touching him. The footballer had also shown how indifferent this left him. What had revolted him, on the other hand, was above all the fact that a certain humorist from RMC had mentioned the subject in his column. He had then come out of the silence in order to reply faced with the words of Julien Cazarre about his speech.

The columnist’s remarks were in his eyes in a way the hospital that made fun of charity. He even went so far as to state that he didn’t believe it was possible. The comedian whose nickname would be “Malaysance in person”. It remains to be seen whether the latter will respond to him.