Adolfo Aguilar revealed: “I had girlfriends, I was going to get married, but I stopped the process” RMMN | SHOWS

The television host, Adolfo Aguilar, was encouraged to give details about his personal life and his loves in an interview for Jorge Talavera’s YouTube channel, where he revealed that he had two chances to get married, but stopped the process.

I was about to get married twice. It was between 28 and 33 years old. I’ve had girlfriends until I was 33, then I had boyfriends, no more. I knew he was interested in boys, but he was in love (…) When I had girlfriends and was going to get married, I stopped the process and told him I couldn’t go on because it wasn’t going to be completely real. It was a lot of crying, suffering, because there was a lot of love”, said Adolfo Aguilar.

He revealed that it was not easy to come out of the closet and reveal his homosexuality, it was a year and a half process to be able to tell publicly, as he did on January 15 of this year, but in doing so he acknowledges that he became a second-class person .

On January 15, 2022 I came out of the closet. Before, I was a citizen who paid my taxes, who had the benefits of a regular citizen. After January 15, I became a second-class citizen because I lost a right, the right to marry whoever I want. Let it be understood that civil union is a right that should be had. At this point in my life I’m not interested in (getting married), I’m not looking for it, but I should have it because that’s what I pay my taxes for.” claimed the producer and film director.

He also acknowledged that for a long time he had self-esteem problems, despite being popular on television, hosting a TV show and looking good on the small screen.

People like me also have low self-esteem, we have mental health problems. It was very strong, he didn’t love me at all, he hated what he was, he suffered every day for being homosexual. I did not want to be homosexual and I mutilated myself in actions, conversations, life in general so that it would not be noticed”, commented the presenter.


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