Adrián Uribe was left without a tooth in the middle of the airport

Adrian Uribe lived a moment shameful at the airport when a tooth fell out before the eyes of passengers and employees of the place, so the comedian immediately asked for help and assistance from a dentist who was close to him to receive immediate attention through his social networks.

Adrian Uribe had been arriving in Mexico City from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent a weekend of rest and fun with his wife, the model Thuany Martins, when the incident involving his tooth occurred in the heart of Mexico City International Airport. CDMX, when he was waiting to board a new flight.

Given the situation, the comedian and creator of “Vitor” did not doubt his convening power through his different social networks, so I did not doubt it and uploaded a selfie where the protagonist was the tooth he lost, to which he They answered “chavorruco”.

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Adrián Uribe was left toothless in the middle of the airport

Adrián Uribe was left toothless in the middle of the airport. Photo: Facebook.

Everyone knows that the comedian is one of those people who have a great sense of humor, so making fun of himself is not a problem for Uribe, and for which, without shame, he photographed himself “toothless” and with a great smile.

“Your attention: A dentist who is at the CDMX airport who sticks my tooth that just fell out? My flight leaves in 1 hour”, “I’m a toothless and what”, posted the comedian.

The reactions of the public and his followers were immediate, so beyond showing concern for the loss of the molar of the actor and driver, the jokes and mockery of respect filled the comments, especially from those closest to the driver of ” Who is the Mask?

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Chavorruco! Hahaha. Use Corega, ”said his friend Adal Ramones. “With a piece of gum it sticks”, wrote Armando Hernández, protagonist of Amarte Duele.

Lucy Chaparro also commented “SOS” and Mane de la Parra smiled with an emoji accompanied by the phrase “No ma”. Followers and followers joined the moment of humor that the comedian experienced and also made funny comments.

After all this commotion in networks, Adrian Uribe He boarded his other flight and reported that no dentist came to give him “attention”, so he only had to show his tooth to everyone and be thankful that with the mask, no one else would notice his accident. Adrián Uribe returned to the United States to continue his ‘ChavoRucos Tour’, alongside Adal Ramones.