Adriana Barrientos filmed herself exercising in a micro bikini loincloth

Adriana Barrientos She is very active on her social media. She currently has almost 900,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she posts her looks on a daily basis. La Leona continues working on ‘Zona de Estrellas’ with Daniela Aránguiz. Both are very close friends and this past weekend they came out of the reel for the 37th birthday of Jorge Valdivia’s ex.

The celebrities attended the ‘Club Amanda’, which was reserved exclusively for the birthday. According to Adriana Barrientos, a person “without invitation” would have come to her friend’s birthday. “And there are others that I invited and did not go, like my ex-husband, Jorge Valdivia, that I invited him and he did not go, he did not arrive (…) he preferred to go somewhere else to ride,” added Daniela.