Adriana Hasbún launches a new trend and her fans applaud her

The talented Salvadoran influencer launched a new trend that has been viewed more than a million times on TikTok in less than 15 hours

He did it again! Adriana Hasbún drove her followers crazy with a new trend that in less than 15 hours was reproduced more than a million times and accumulated more than 118.2 hearts and hundreds of comments.

The Salvadoran goddess of TikTok also shared her new choreography on her Instagram account, in which some of her fans again ask her to represent El Salvador in the Miss Universe international beauty pageant.

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No one can deny that this compatriot is one of the most beautiful women in Cuscatlan social networks, but above all that she is an empowered and very talented young woman.

Not only is she an excellent dancer, she also has a tremendous talent for comedy. Just enjoy some of the funniest content on it.

The talented tiktoker launched a new trend on her Chinese social network account and her fans applaud her. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image /

The clip in which he challenges his millions of followers to carry out this new trend, he dances with Gerardo Castillo, whom he defines as “@gecastillo_ my fav partner I love you ♥️”.

“I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, DO IT, AND TAG ME,” Hasbún wrote at the bottom of his clip on his TikTok profile.

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“Why didn’t you ever go to represent El Salvador in Miss Universe? 😭”, “Although he can still because of his age, this woman can still bring us to the crown”, “You are a tremendous woman😍🔥❤️”, “Chulittzimaaaaa 😍”, “What a feelinggg ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤”, “Alfin I see a trend that doesn’t take the same steps that everyone does, I love it😌”, “What a Divine Adriana, you look like a doll 😳”, “This is a good trend🤩, very nice”, “What a good trend🤩 I love it… I’m going to do it », Were some of the greetings and compliments that the Salvadoran queen of TikTok received.