Adriana Karembeu “very sad”: this decision that she does not understand

While the end of the soap opera More beautiful life approach, Adriana Karembeu granted an interview to TV 7 days this Monday, June 6, in which she reacts to this news which affects her deeply, when she herself had the opportunity to play in a few episodes of the series.

It’s in the columns of TV 7 daysthis Monday, June 6, that the model Adriana Karembeu confided in the judgment of the television series More beautiful life. On Thursday, February 17, Le Figaro revealed that the series would end at the end of the year 2022, after 18 years of existence. A real thunderclap for a large number of fans. But also for some of its actors. This is particularly the case ofAdriana Karembeu, who had joined the cast of the series a few months before the announcement of its end.

It was with great emotion that she revealed to TV 7 Daysthis Monday, June 6, to be very sad about the end of the soap opera: “I don’t quite understand this decision. This series is a reference, one of the best of the Paf. Since I participated in it, I watch it often. It is one of the few to have dealt with many topical, social. I have excellent memories of this experience and of the team, who showed great kindness to me. It made me want to repeat the experience, and I’m actually getting organized to play in another series.

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For such a project to last as long, the team must be united

In October 2021, Adriana Karembeu discovered the Mistral and appeared for the first time in the series. It was then that she confided in TV Magazine : “When I learned that the screenwriters of More beautiful life were going to write a role especially for me, it touched me. I like the idea of ​​belonging to a project. I’m addicted to series and I also wanted to work on a longer term.“Before talking about the team that made this program possible:”The actors have worked together for seventeen years and, for such a project to last as long, the team must be united. It’s a big machine, but a machine with heart. I was welcomed with great kindness.

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