Adriana Karembeu: why she has a separate room with her husband Aram Ohanian

Adriana Karembeu lives in a hotel in Marrakech with her husband Aram Ohanian and their daughter Nina. A luxurious lifestyle, since the small family has invested in a suite. So much so that the former model does not sleep in the same bed as her husband!

Motherhood has completely changed Adriana Karembeu. The little girl is named Nina and was born on August 17, 2018. As soon as she has the opportunity, the wife of Aram Ohanian evokes their daughter. This is what she was doing on January 27, 2019 with Paris Match, a few months after the birth of Nina. “When Nina was born, I was overjoyed: She looked so much like her dad! It was exactly what I wanted: for my child to be a miniature reproduction of the man I love. Like her dad, she goes for it and is not afraid of anything“, confided the acolyte of Michel Cymes.

And after becoming a little girl”wise and mischievous at the same time”, little Nina is also a little girl”very curious”. But motherhood also made Adriana Karembeu realize the fragility of life. In 50′ insidethe ex of Christian Karembeu confided: “When you have a child, you have to realize that when you do things, it’s only once. Afterwards, it passes, you have to live it now what”. “It’s horrible, well, it’s not horrible, it’s joyful, you have to enjoy it. Plus I’m 50, it’s now, so my daughter is making a cake, i’m really fucking proud, that’s it. At 50, I want to take care of my daughter, live my life my way“, said the former model.

Everyone has their own room!

And to live the life of his dreams, Adriana Karembeu has decided to settle in Marrakech with her husband and their daughter. An ideal location for the small family, since Aram Ohanian has opened a 5-star hotel in the Palmeraie. And of course, the couple lives there with their child. “To spend more time with her husband who works there full time, Adriana has left her house and invests one of the suites”, explained the journalists of 50′ inside. A rhythm of life not necessarily simple at first, but to which Adriana Karembeu quickly took the fold.

Near Gala this Thursday, June 23, the pretty blonde explains that she has invested in a room that she shares with her daughter. “I even had a slide installed for her to play”, she confides. On the other hand, she does not sleep in the same bed as her husband. And for a very simple reason. “In the north, children sleep with their mothers in co-sleeping until late”, revealed Adriana Karembeu. Regarding Aram Ohanian, “he sleeps in another room”. End of the mystery!