Adriana Salvatierra: “My son has to be a walker, just like his mother”

Sebastian. That is the name that former senator Adriana Salvatierra and her husband chose for her baby. She claimed that the pregnancy is going ‘from strength to strength’.

The former senator married Joaquín, her partner since 2020 and “a companion of ideas and struggle”, at the end of March of this year.

Salvatierra participated in the Labor Day parade in Plaza 24 de Septiembre, where It was possible to appreciate the seven-month pregnancy belly that she already has. She explained that this pregnancy changed her life and her fears.

Within his routine is to talk to him, sing to him and even take him to the mobilizations “For him to get used to it, he has to be a walker, just like his mother”Salvatierra said.

She related the reason for the name. Sebastián was my father’s name in an operation in 1976, It was my father’s alias when he was arrested and brought to justice three years later. We found him in the military archives in the persecution of leftist leaders during the dictatorship, and the alias Sebastián was there.”

As Adriana and her family prepare to receive this blessing for the month of July.